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Playing Golf at Belleair Country Club in Florida

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 23 2013

Thanks to my pal Phil Auerbach and the head golf professional Jim Slattery, PGA I enjoyed paradise even if it was only for four hours.  Wow what a facility!  Belleaire Country Club, Florida’s First Golf Club. In fact, the Philadelphia Phillies were there playing an outing before starting spring training.

The golf course condition was magnificent, right on the water and the greens rolled fast and pure.  I’m sure you guys in Richmond are really happy to hear about this considering snow is forecast for today!  ha ha ah he he he.

Phil hit the ball right out of the park all day long.  I haven’t seen drives like that in years!

Phil has a great website we’re going to get to work with, Golf Coach Direct.  Phil is on the edge of the envelope with technology.  His system allows us to have you load up your swing video for analysis.  Set up an appointment for us to meet on line.  Then with technology similar to Skype but better, we can converse with each other, see each other swinging the golf club and reviewing the video simultaneous!

I’ll be setting up a few members to try this out very soon.