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Playing Golf Shouldn’t Hurt! – Golf Injury

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 18 2014

Playing Golf Shouldn’t Hurt!

Ever wondered why so many golfers today are complaining about back pain?  Golf injury seems to be prevalent these days.  Could it be the over emphasis of using your body to hit the golf ball further the cause of your golf injury?  I would argue that not only does over emphasizing the body movement in a golf swing create a potential disaster for your spine, but it also causes inconsistencies in your golf swing.

Yes, on tour the emphasis is power golf today.  My friend Max Castro, former All American at the University of Miami commented how, while watching players on tour this week in Tampa, so many of them seemed to just knock the snot out of the golf ball with very little shot making.  As windy as it was, Max said, still the guys were hitting it high and far almost ignoring the wind.  In our day, we would be making every attempt to hit knock down shots to keep the ball out of the wind.  Sort of like Doug Sanders, (popular tour player in the 60’s and 70’s)

Some of this change in strategy is due to the ball itself!  Our golf ball of the 70’s had a much higher spin rate so the wind could reek havoc and magnify any side spin to increase a slight fade to a slice.  Equally, the increased spin rate would make it very difficult to hit into the wind.  Yes the equipment, course condition and most of all the golf ball have changed golf forever.

What I’ve done for you here is prepared a video showing the lack of lower body movement among a group of touring pros to show you that even they do not move their lower body that much in the golf swing.  In fact, is it not the younger players that stress “quiet knees?”  Even with this example, there is still a considerable amount of caution directed at golf injury.  Ask Tiger!

Stop trying to over emphasize the use of your back and your legs in your golf swing.  You’ll feel better for it and I would argue you’ll be more consistent and actually swing the golf clubs faster.  Here’s your video…….