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Sergio Garcia Should Control Emotions!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on May 22 2013

Sergio Garcia Should Control Emotions!

Not only does Sergio loose it on 17 at the TPC but know he makes a jackass out of himself.  When Fuzzy made is remark about fried chicken I excused it because Fuzzy was just kidding, had a drink in his hand and wasn’t malicious about it.

Sergio was displaying a hurtful comment on purpose and is not setting the example for junior golfers everywhere with his comments.  Sure Tiger and Sergio evidently don’t get along.  Sure Tiger has proven that he can be right nasty when being competitive.  BUT….you have to be mature enough to not let it get to you.

Whatever happened to, “you can’t control what others do, just control what you do.”  Concentrate on your golf game Sergio and don’t worry about Tiger or anyone else.  More importantly, you have disgraced the fine golfers from Spain that have been more than polite and very gentleman like in their demeanor.

I lived in Spain four years so I know from experience.  In Spain when you act like Sergio just did, they say your have no education.

Believe me I am NO fan of Tiger.  But….Sergio shame on you!