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Shoulder Tilt Is Vital!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on November 01 2009

You might have heard about this “Stack and Tilt” rage that’s going on out there. Well they got half of it right. Unless you want a quick trip to the Chiropractor you need to forget the stack part but the tilt is right on. So many golfers think that the shoulders turn on the downswing…..big mistake. It is the shoulder turn on the downswing that causes you to go “over the top” or create an “outside in” swing path.

The first thing the shoulders should do on the down swing is tilt down. If you are a right hander, imagine that you are ringing a bell and the bell is so heavy that you have to pull down with your right shoulder and your arms to make it ring.

Once you tilt down with the right shoulder the arms swing out. Make sure you are rolling your forearms over on the down swing and then your right shoulder follows. We used to call it chasing the ball with the right shoulder.

To help you visualize this motion I’ve included for you a video of a lesson on exactly this subject.

Hope this helps. As always I welcome your comments on this or any other Blog I’ve posted.