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Sometimes Little Minor Changes In Your Golf Swing Can Make A HUGE Difference!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on September 12 2010

Sometimes Little Minor Changes In Your Golf Swing
Can Make A HUGE Difference

Of course I’ve hit about a trillion golf balls in my lifetime, (Wow that sound like Congress…..A Trillion!) but it never ceases to amaze me how the very slightest of adjustments can make such an enormous effect on your entire golf swing.

For instance, I went out to a driving range in Tampa yesterday to make sure I get my practice in even though I’m away, (liar….I couldn’t stand a minute longer with the out-laws, I mean In-Laws) and even though I was hitting the ball very respectable and acceptable to me something just didn’t feel quite right. I felt like I could do something better to explode at the ball and pick up additional club head speed.

Well, I took a look at my right hand grip after I hit a shot and noticed it was not in it’s original position. I positioned my right hand just a little more to the center or turned it counter clockwise. I hung on a little tighter with my last three fingers of my right hand. Then at the ball I let the right hand explode and I was knocking the snot out of it!

I also noticed another benefit. The grip adjustment lowered my hands slightly at address and put me on a better plane on the back swing which allowed me to swing as hard as I wanted without fear of the ball hooking left! The golf club and my hands were in a better position at the top of the back swing.

In case you want to try this for yourself, I suggest you first take a look at the grip drill and make sure your grip is proper to begin with. Watch the grip drill here. If your right hand grip is too strong, (the V or crease points towards your right shoulder rather than maybe off your right ear) you might hook the ball when you unload your right hand at impact.

When you get to impact, feel like your right hand rolls over the left as hard as you want. If you hook the ball you need to take a second look at your grip. See what your grip looks like AFTER you hit the shot. Did your hands move? Hogan was famous for hitting some 24 shots in a row without his hands moving at all. He would hit a shot and then hit another without re-gripping!

Good luck and let me know if you have some success with this and also let me know if you don’t.