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Take Advantage of Today’s Golf Technology

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 17 2014

Take Advantage of Today’s Golf Technology

Growing up in golf I had to totally trust my instructor because there was no way I was going to see my swing on video. That was yesterdays golf technology. In fact, the first time I ever saw my swing on video was when Dick Farley was visiting Miami and brought with him was then the state of the art golf technology camera that would take eight still pictures of your swing in sequence.  Boy I had a big back swing then with a 22 year old back!

Tiger in fact considers the video analysis software the one reason so many new young golfers come on the scene so quickly.  Video golf technology.


There is the exception.  Golfers like Bubba Watson for instance.  It’s better for him not to see his swing.  There’s nothing wrong with that either.  You have to have something to relate to, visual or feel.  He does what feels right to him.  Of course his distance off the tee is a big asset to him as well.

However, especially in the case of a young golfer just getting started, video analysis golf technology and video comparison will help develop the important fundamentals for building a consistent golf swing in the future.

Here’s a very simple way to capture your video all by yourself.  No you don’t have to drag a friend around just to take our video anymore. It’s the I-Phone clip by ProtoSports.  It sells for $9.95 and attaches to your alignment stick or snow pole.  You can get snow poles at Home Depot or Lowes for less than $2.  We have them in stock so if you would like one give me a call.

golf-video-cell-phone-holderYou can also download the V1 video capture app for golf for about $2.99 which will allow you to do a self analysis and draw on your video, display touring pro comparisons and more.

Of course a self analysis is just that and extremely bias.  You can email your video to us at and we’ll do an initial analysis of your video for FREE!  This gives you a chance to get a second opinion and sample our services absolutely free with no obligation whatsoever. 

The golf swing hardly ever looks like it feels or feels like it looks.  It’s fun to see the faces of golfers that come out to see us for instruction when they see their swing for the first time.  It’s never what they expected.  Video golf technology now gives them the opportunity to put a visual to the feel.

It’s hard to fix what you can’t see so I still believe that video analysis in an overwhelming majority of golfers is the only way to go.  This is your chance to see your swing and receive a professional analysis absolute free so please take advantage of it.

Here’s some easy to follow instructions for taking your video and sending it to us.  Can’t wait to see it!