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The Army Navy Football Game

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 14 2014

What’s the Army Navy Football Game
doing on a golf blog?

I’ve made it a ritual to always watch the Army Navy football game every year on TV.  Well, thanks to one of our great students, (Steve Fortner former Navy Veteran himself), tickets to the game were secured and Steve and I drove up to Baltimore to see the game yesterday.  If you have never attended the Army Navy game and can get tickets, (hard to get) it is worth every minute and every dime that it costs you.

I’ve been to several Super Bowls and the super bowl is not comparable to the Army Navy game, sorry.  With all the commercial hoop-laa at the super bowl the tradition and atmosphere at the Army Navy game is far superior and unbelievable.

The festivities started with the parachute jumps down to the field of play followed by fly overs by helicopters and jets.  I don’t mind admitting that I had to hold back the tears from all the emotion.  My first thought was a thank you to grandfather for making the effort to come to America in 1920.  Without his courage and belief in the American dream none of what I saw yesterday would have been possible.  (By the way, he came to America expecting nothing more than an opportunity)

Most impressive were the cadets on both sides.  Yes we still have fine young people in America that are smart, polite, well groomed and dedicated to their country and defense of our constitution.  They could teach a thing or two to some of our folks in congress.

Here’s a picture of the field of play below with the team coming out of the tunnel.














There were several videos that were played on the large screen and the video below is the one that I thought was the best.  Watch below.

Oh yea…who was I routing for?  Well I attended an Army Military Academy as a youngster but my son is a former Navy Corpsman so I have to go Navy or else.  But there is one thing you could feel throughout the stadium.  No matter what team would win, no one held animosity or were disappointed.  The game is great but the brotherhood in arms is far more important. May God bless every cadet out there and may God Bless the United States of America.