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The Drowning Golfer

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on December 28 2019

Frequently we have people come to the academy that are so desperate for help, they will grab the closest hand for a fix. 

I call this, "The Drowning Golfer". 

These are the golfers that are at the end of their rope and will try anything to get better.  As golfers, we genuinely want to help others with what we think is wrong with their swing.  You cannot see yourself swing the golf club but others can, so we think we should lend a hand. 

The reality of it is that by lending the hand we are putting one more nail in the coffin for that person to quit the game.  Golf is one of the hardest skills sets you can learn, and we would all rather spend our time on things we enjoy as opposed to bad golf. 

Here's the advice, the next time you find yourself as the drowning man, stop and get professional help.  It will save you a lot of time and energy.  In addition, find someone who is reputable and that is all he or she does is teach.  If you have to spend a little more for that, it is well worth it.  

Also, make sure they have quality video playback with all the commentary and drills so you work on the right things for your golf game.