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The Masters got what it wanted…and it was exciting!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on April 11 2011

The Masters got what it wanted…and it was exciting!

Make the golf course long,  grow the grass to perfection, (almost too much on the 15th hole) and you get the crew bunched up at the end with a ton of guys tied for an exciting finish.  Not much different than Nascar.

I think that they lost something in not have the surface just before the green on 15 hard and fast like in the past.  It was fun watching balls that barely got over roll back in the water.

I heard an interview with Doug Ford, past Masters champion in 1957.  He talked about how the condition of the golf is far superior today than when he played.  He claimed, “they made it look like a park”.  He talked about how areas that were unplayable are now perfectly manicured.

Of course the one sad story was McElroy.  What happened?  Nerves.  Inexperience etc.  Once you get a just a little faster than your appropriate tempo, the wheels can come off the wagon.  He would have done better to swing a little slower and just bat it down the middle ad dare everyone else to catch him.  Of the kid that one would have caught him anyway but I’m sure he will learn from this and pick himself back up.

What my old coach used to tell me….get the “L” out of learn!

One other thing that bothered me.  What happened to the American dominance in golf?  There were a lot of foreigners on that leader board.  Maybe we need to take it up a notch?