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The “Name That Pro” Concept a BIG hit!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on September 13 2012

Boy we had a ton of responses!  I’m confident that the prize was not the issue.  A dozen golf balls?  Well, maybe there are a couple of old farts I know that would probably walk to West Virginia for a FREE dozen golf balls!

We had one very interesting guess.  Johnny Miller.  Well, it would have to be and old video and this video was in color.  Only kidding!  What was interesting was that Johnny did have a very similar move through the ball with the rolling of the left foot through impact.

I did an analysis, (watch it below) and please don’t be depressed if you didn’t guess the “Name that Pro”.  Nobody else did including me.  Let’s try another one, just for fun and let’s add the last dozen balls plus a second dozen balls to up the prize to two dozen balls.  Our pal Ted at the Patterson range will most likely walk all the way to Seattle for two dozen  balls!