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The New Wilson D-200 Driver

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on January 21 2015

The New Wilson D-200 Driver

For those of you that have already seen the new Palo Grande driver I made…guess what?  Wilson is making the same thing, almost.  Their driver is only 10 grams heavier but based on the same concept of lighter overall weight to increase wilson-golf-driver-d200club head speed.

Their D-200 Driver is $299 and 46 inches long at 268 grams overall weight.  The Palo Grande is 258 grams at $199.  I’m going to hit the new Wilson driver tomorrow and give you my honest feed back.  If their club is better I might try to approach them on making a deal.  I want my students to have the best driver possible in their hands because the tee shot is so important to lowering your scores.


Check the Blog soon for more info from the 2015 PGA show.