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Tiger Woods Shoots an 82

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on January 31 2015

Tiger Woods Shoots an 82

Tiger shoots an 82 and everyone has their opinion.  I shoot 82 and nobody cares, same for you.  I not only have an opinion but I also have some proof.  I have a video analysis I did years ago comparing Tiger’s swing from what he had in his rookie year and college until after Butch made the necessary adjustments.  (The video is posted below)

Necessary is the “key” word!  When is enough, enough?  I would argue that Tiger Woods had better success before he tried for utter perfection in the golf swing.  Now, was it his ego that made him think that he could achieve the perfect golf swing and be the best of all time?  Well, didn’t Hogan feel that way? No!

Hogan himself said that his swing was NOT as good as some of his competitors yet so many golfers goo goo over Hogan’s swing and try like heck to mimic or copy it only to their golfing demise.  You’re NOT Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods is NOT a robot!

Unfortunately success can be an evil thing, especially when you don’t handle it right.  Tiger’s problem is NOT his golf swing or his short game, it’s in his mind and soul at this point.  Does that mean that it’s time to call a Priest for an exoticism?

If Tiger called for help on his swing I would tell him I’m not interested in joining the parade of past swing gurus trying to find that secret element that will put Tiger back on the map. What I would do for you Tiger, in complete privacy, is to get to work on fixing you, not your golf swing.

I’ll tell you what I would suggest with all honesty and no kidding.  I would call my friend Dr. Patrick Porter PhD who is a genius on the human mind.  Award winning author of Psycho-Linguistics and an accomplished Hypnotist with success stories from many of his patients.  In fact, Dr. Porter started the largest chain of Hypnosis Centers called Positive Changes.

I would set up an appointment at a quiet place or even deserted island as long as it had a golf course.  Start with a session with Dr. Porter putting Tiger under hypnosis.  Let Dr. Porter find the true issue in his mind that’s holding him back.  Take him back to his golfing child hood.

Dr. Porter through his hypnosis techniques can help Tiger regain his hunger to win and his enjoyment of that hunger.  Get away from all this techno swing jargon which is a bunch of crap anyway!  Take it from me, I’ve been teaching golf since 1970.  I’ve see more swing theories then my wife’s cat has flees!

After that, I would have Tiger hit balls on the range, maybe even under hypnosis and video tape the session so he cold see himself afterwards.  Let him go back to his natural self.  Let him hit balls with no target.  No flag sticks on the range period.  Might even have him hit balls blind folded and video tape that.

I would consider bringing some kids out to this secluded camp and have him spend a day or two with them playing golf, teaching them\ kids some and just having some fun, like playing ping pong with the kids.  Tiger just needs to go back, way back to where Dr, Porter can take Tiger Woods.  To his child hood! Of course Tiger Woods has to want to do it. Bob Toski once told me, “No matter how you good you get at golf kid, you’re never bigger than the game itself.” Tiger has to surrender to himself and accept his short comings like all of us.  “We all fall short of the glory of God”

Maybe we should blame some of the powers that be that put Tiger on such a pedestal for financial gain. Was he set up for a big fall?  Was he carrying the television viewing audience on his shoulders? 

Here’s the video….done two years ago or more.