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Today Was The First Day Of The New On Course Format – Hosted by Birkdale.

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on November 10 2011

Boy we had a great day at Birkdale Golf Course.  I’m looking forward to our Saturday session at Pendleton.  I can NOT fully express my thanks to the fine folks at Acumen Golf for allowing us to use Birkdale as our Chesterfield golf course site.  If you haven’t been out to Birkdale, you will be very impressed with the improvements.  The new owners have put together a great professional staff headed up by Chris McNeil PGA Head Professional  along with a fantastic organization for outings.  They’ve also made some upgrades in the club house eating area with a BIG screen TV and a comfortable area to watch the game after you’re done playing.
The day on the golf course was fantastic and the golf course is in great shape.  Yes some of the greens have been recently aerated and of course this is the time of year when maintenance is done on the greens BUT any work being done was NOT a factor in our play.  I thought the greens rolled well for this time of year.  The fairways are totally Bermuda and in great shape.  Tee boxes have been seeded with either a Bent or Rye and it adds a classy touch.
Here’s what happened on our first day.
1) We started out at the putting green, working on those very important short putts.  One excellent feature of the practice putting green at Birkdale was the access to special holes that were smaller than the regulation cup.  A wonderful training tool to practice putting at these smaller holes, so that the real cup looks large by comparison.
2) Next step was long putts.
3) We hit some balls on the range then off to the first tee.
4) I play from the back tees but you can play what ever tee that suits your game.  You will have a good challenge where ever you tee it up.  I will be providing a Special Report on recommended course strategies, shortly.
We played the entire 18 holes and I can not wait to play it again.  I am convinced that this new format is the BEST way for me to see you perform on the golf course. You also have the opportunity to observe what I do, both with the golf swing as well as that important short game and club selection.  When you play with better golfers you will improve just by observing.
If you’re interested in playing Birkdale on your own, just call 804-739-8800 and then enter 100.  They have some great off season rates right now and remember to take advantage of the special small holes on the practice putting green.  Oh yes, we had lunch after playing.  I had the Buffalo Wrap and it was great.  They have FREE coffee.  You know how Cubans like coffee!One thing we learned from this on course session is that alignment WILL have an effect on your golf swing motion. Why?  Because your eye has no idea that you are improperly aimed so you will do whatever it takes to get the ball to go to the intended target.  Example; you align yourself to the right with your feet, (or closed) and open in the shoulders, (to the left).  This improper position will cause you to swing across yourself or “over the top” being that your eye knows that the hole is left of you.

To work on alignment skills try this drill.

Watch for further Blog entries on our, Play Golf With A PGA Pro!