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Tour Caddies Preparing For a Golf Tournament

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 08 2016

Today Tour Caddies Do A Lot More Than You Might Think

I was very fortunate that Derek Sanders, Gene Sauer’s caddie and a golf professional in his own right, allowed me to tag along while he and other fellow caddies were scoping out the greens early in the morning before others get on the golf course.  I BIG thank you to Derek for giving us this insider look!

Derek uses the Aim Point system as many other caddies are using to calculate breaks in the greens according to the slop measured by a level in percentages.  Very interesting.

Some caddies get so good at calculating the slope that they can literally straddle the line and tell you if it’s a 1.5 degrees or 2.5 for instance.

Now before you run out to sign up for Aim Point system keep in mind one thing.  This is only one method for calculating the break and many tour players do not pay as much attention to these calculations as the caddies do.  Ball speed is the key and depending how fast you roll the ball the break off the slope will adjust accordingly.  So many successful tour players are “feel” players so they shy away from raw digital readings and go with their gut.

I have to admit I am that way as well.  I use the I’ve been here before” method.  I figure I’ve seen almost every putt there is and I’ve putted it before and remember where it went last time.  First thing I determine is the speed. Speed is everything in my mind. Then I consider how much slope and how much the ball will bend at the speed I’m going to roll it.

I’m mostly concerned with putts 6 feet and in.  Long putts are not on my radar.  Just want to get them close.  If it goes in I laugh!

Here’s the video and I hope you find this interesting.