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VMI is worthy of your paying a visit and support.

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on November 01 2009

I had the honor of attending a VMI football game with one of my students Dick Wise. If you’ve never visited the campus at VMI I highly recommend it. We need more VMI’s!

The history surrounding the facilities are magnificent. Not to mention the beauty of the handsome buildings that hold not only tremendous character but also the years of memories from cadets that had the honor of attending such a prestigious establishment.

Once you have the opportunity to meet some of the fine cadets at VMI you will begin to believe in America and it’s youth. I was so impressed with their kind demeanor, courtesies and outright politeness, lacking at many other campuses around our country today.

Oh yes and the alumni. The Alumni provide absolute proof that the systems at VMI are solid and successful. What a fine group of Amercians that were equally courteous and all around good citizens.

I can’t wait to get back and I am going to take my wife to Lexington for a visit just so she can see what real Amercia looks like. God Bless VMI, their Cadets and their Alumni. Our country is better off thanks to their commitment. I only wish my own son would have attended VMI but he did go to Hargrave Military Academy for Post Graduate Football and is now a Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine Special Forces group and returned from Iraq safely.

I would recommend VMI to anyone with all the enthusiasm I can muster. Go VMI!!!

To see the VMI website click on this link