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Want More Distance?

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on November 27 2019

Instantly Gain 25 Yards With Your Driver

Recently a friend of mine who works for Trackman contacted me to come to my facility and demonstrate the capabilities of the Trackman technology.  Trackman is a launch monitor that uses radar to measure 3 dimensional movements of the golf club and the golf ball.  The device is placed behind the golfer and measures certain characteristics of the golf clubs’ movement including swing speed, angle of attack, and the swing path.  It also measures the entire flight of the golf ball displaying ball speed, launch angle, and the spin rate.  This technology has not only proven some of the known principles in teaching golf but it also allows us to now measure them. 

So what does this mean to the average golfer?  Trackman technology can now measure how we can improve distance with a driver simply by improving the angle of attack into the golf ball. 

Most of the golfers that I teach have a downward decent into the golf ball with their driver.  This will cause a tremendous amount of back spin which is a distance killer.  A downward decent is good for hitting a ball off the ground, (your irons) but not good for generating distance.  Hence the saying, “you must hit down to go up” (not efficient for the driver). 

Here are some measurements from the Trackman technology that might make you change your approach to hitting a golf ball.  Let’s assume the average golfer swings a driver at 90 mph and hits the ball in the center of the face with a square club face.  The only variable would be the angle of attack (downward or upward).  A downward attack of 5 degrees would send a golf ball about 231 yards.  An upward attack of 5 degrees would send that same golf ball 25 yards farther for a total of 259 yards.  If you want to increase your driving distance try to swing more up on the golf ball, but let’s not forget to square the club face and hit the sweet spot.  Here are a few tips to help promote an upward attack with your driver. 


  1. Tee the ball up High. The maximum legal limit for tee height is 4 inches so take advantage of most of it.  Drivers today are large enough where most people need all of it.  Also try to leave the tee in the ground once the ball is gone. 

  2. Position the ball in line with your front inside heel.

  3. Tilt your spine away from the target. This would mean that your left shoulder will be higher than the right and your spine is no longer straight up and down (assuming you are right handed).

  4. Make an air swing. This is a swing where no earth is touched.

  5. Ensure that your hands are not leaning forward. This means the grip of the club should point toward the center of your body.    

The combinations of these five thoughts are going to give you your best chance to swing up with your driver adding distance and reducing backspin.

With today’s technology golf instructors now can measure the characteristics of the flight of a golf ball and the movement of the golf club.  If you are the average golfer who hits down with your driver try these tips to swing up on the ball and increase your distance by 25 yards or more.