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Warning! Being Fitted For Golf Clubs Could Ruin Your Golf Game!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 06 2006

I speak from experience on this subject. I believe I was the first to offer golf club fitting in Virginia on a large scale basis and have studied the subject in depth. I’ don’t do that much of it any more because I just don’t have the time and that’s the key…TIME! It takes at least two hours to do an accurate golf club fitting and even with that you might have to send the golfer home to practice some more before being fitted. So accept my advice as my contribution to helping you better understand golf club fitting, rather than an attempt to sell you a set of golf clubs. I might do a fitting for someone but only if they beg, no kidding.

Think of it this way. You’re not just fitting your physical characteristics; you are fitting your swing. The path, swing speed, angle of attack, tempo, centeredness of hit, lie angle. That being said, when a salesman in a golf store says I can fit you in about 10 minutes run for the door.

Being fitted by the fancy computer gadgets is not as much help as they claim. One the computer doesn’t know what’s wrong with your swing if at all. It only gives you a reading of what happened not how it happened. If you have a swing fault and you fit according to what the computer recommends then you will be fit to the swing fault and be doomed to continue to commit the swing fault for as long as you own the golf clubs.

You want the golf club to reward you when you make your best motion. Someone has to determine if you have made your best motion and the time of the reading. Yes the computer can tell you if you swung inside out or outside in but heck Colin Montgomery swing outside in every time and stills plays pretty good golf. So as you now see this is not an exact science.

You’re really not buying the brand of golf clubs you’re buying the fitter. I have a free special report I’ll send you I you’ll email me at on the “Seven Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Golf Cubs”. I’ll send it free with no obligation of any sort whatsoever.

Also you’re not buying golf clubs. What you should be buying is a better ball flight and performance. If the ball doesn’t fly better and further than forget it, no golf clubs for you!