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Warning…Look Out For Robo-Golfer!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 10 2006

Robo-Golfer could be coming to a golf course near you! You may have seen him before. You can recognize hime when he starts twitching and re-gripping, trying to get comfortable with all the mechanical positions he learned from watching the latest golf instructional video. You can tell he reads every golf magazine, listens to every golf tip from friends. He stands over the ball forever at address. Oh boy, says his player partners, here’s a 6 hour round. God forbid you have Robo-Golfer playing in front of you. You’ll need to show this article to your wife to prove you really were on the golf course for six hours!

Golf should be played like basketball, an action – reaction sport. You don’t think about every step you take to the basket and then slowly try to make sure your arms are in exactly the right position to shoot at the basket. No, you shoot the basketball! You do a lay up in a flowing continuous motion. Stand up to a golf ball, (on the golf course) in an athletic position, (sort of like you would if you were playing short stop) and let it rip. Only on the golf driving range should you be concerned with attempting to re-program your swing motion again and again until it behaves, (sort of like Cookie combing his hair). Concentrate one maybe two drills, make sure you know what the purpose of the drill is, make sure you can perform the drill properly, then drill drill drill and forget it. Do the drills in practice and then forget them when you get on the course. You’ll play better and golf will be better off for it. Slow play is the biggest killer of the growth of this great game.