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We Can Re-Shaft Your Golf Clubs For Better Performance

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 11 2012

Re-Shaft Your Golf Clubs For Better Performance

Like I say in the video below, re-shafting your golf clubs is like changing the pipes on your motorcycle.  More power and more fun.  The golf shaft is the engine of the golf club so why not super charge your engine for power.  Plus it costs less money than buying a new set.

In some cases, a new set would NOT be as beneficial as re-building your existing set to tighter tolerances.  We are not under the pressure of producing golf club on a tight schedule, (Cuban time) and build each set on its own, not an assembly line.

I’ve seen how graphite shaft manufacturers take advantage of this point and charge outrageous prices for exotic shafts that in my estimation might not produce what they claim.  Some driver shafts can reach $300 or more!  That’s before installation costs.  The true talent in this equation is determining the exact shaft that performs the best for you regardless of the price.  It might turn out that the least expensive shaft out there does everything you need to improve.  I’ve had some great results with the UST driver shaft which is only $59 to $63 and similar to what Jim Furyk and Adam Scott use.

Please take a moment to view the video I did for you that explains the process of a re-build.  If you would like to talk about this subject matter further send me an email at or give me a call 804-378-7456.

I separated the videos into three parts so it wouldn’t take as long to load up for you.