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Wet, Cold and Windy and We Still Did the Lessons!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on October 16 2009

Wet, Cold and Windy and We Still Did the Lessons!

Don’t you love it when golfers care so much about their game that they don’t let a little thing like weather stop them! OK so we had cover…and yes I really enjoyed myself. When my students are really eager to do well I have a great time teaching. It makes it all worth while, (the griping I hear from my wife about why I don’t have a regular job).

I remember when I was getting ready to go on tour and I was practicing my butt off and she said to me, “why do you spend so much time practicing, I thought you already knew how to play.”

Anyway, one thing we learned tonight was that the weight shift was very much over sold over the years. As Chi Chi Rodriguez said, “there is no weight shift in the golf swing.” Well there is and there ain’t.

Bottom line is hurricanes go around, tornadoes go around and electric motors go around. They don’t wobble from side to side. I always say, “do the twist not the mambo!”

Yes by virtue of your body turn your upper body will be more over your back foot and thus you will have more weight on your back foot but you do not “shift” to the back foot your turn on to your back foot. Big, big difference.