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What Golf Ball Should I Use?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on May 07 2014

What golf ball should I use?

Pick one golf ball and stick to it!  That’s my advice.  Why?  Because the golf balls today have so many different configurations, you need to find one golf ball you like and stick with it throughout the season.  Get ready to change to another golf ball the following year because the golf ball companies are constantly making changes.

I would stay away from any golf ball that claims to go straight.  Straight is just a code word for shallow dimple or reduced spin.  You might get more roll on a hard surface but you’ll loose considerable distance on a wet one.  Plus, you’ll have a tough time stopping the golf ball on the greens.

Find a golf ball you like the feel of when putting and chipping.  It’s the short game that counts!  Learn how your golf ball comes off the club face on your putter.  You’ll start leaving those long 40 foot putts closer and lower your score.

Below is a report that appeared in the PGA magazine last month about golf balls.  The PGA magazine goes exclusively to PGA pros to inform them on the latest traits in the industry.  This report will give you an insider view of what the industry is thinking you’re thinking.

Page one of the report on golf balls here

Page two of the report on golf balls here.