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What Quick Fix Golf Is All About.

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 22 2012

Just a very short video to esplain, (no that’s NOT a mis-spelling) to you exactly what Quick Fix Golf is all about.  Our teaching philosophy in a nut shell.  We know what to fix in your swing and what to leave alone.

You could visit a PGA tour event, go to the driving range, and ask the tour players what they are working on.  You ask 100 different players, you might get about 60 different answers.
Some players are actually working on the same movement, but just attacking it from a different angle.  So, what they tell you might seem different, but it’s probably not.

Please don’t fall for the typical “swing theory” or magical method that will take you to the promise land of golf.  Not to say that some swing methods or theories haven’t work for different players at different times in their career.  Let’s face it, none of the pros can hang on to their best ball striking ability forever.  I consider this fact as part of the fun of the game.  How boring would it be if only one player kept winning week after week!