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You Were Destined to be a Slicer Don't Blame Yourself!

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on April 14 2020

Don’t blame yourself!!! This is how the elite players think. There should always be another reason for an off target result. The GOAT, Jack Nicklaus has never missed a putt in his mind.  It’s not your fault that you slice!!! Here are a few principles on why you slice and not a DAM thing you can do about it to change it.  

I believe that the game was originally played different than it is today. The way the game is played today, does not make sense. I think that the game was originally played on the target line, meaning standing to the inside of the line and the body facing the target as opposed to standing to the side of the ball and body facing the ball. Playing the game this way would make it easy to see the correct line as well as the ability to swing the club straight back and through to the target, which is one of the big reason a person slices. The more the club stays on the target line the less sidespin will occur. The second part of slicing is that golf clubs are designed incorrectly.   If you balance a golf club in both hands, the toe of the golf club will hang. This balance point will encourage an open position of the club face in the swing, which is the second part of slicing. Unfortunately, golf clubs are not legal if designed to be face balanced, (only the putter). If this was the case, we would be more apt to having the club point to the target longer.

Jack Nicklaus was not born a miracle baby. It was his love for the game and hard work that paved way for him to be the GOAT. Along the way he realized, as you think so you become. Don’t blame yourself, your were destined to be a slicer. It’s the golf clubs fault.

 Darren deMaille