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You Might Be Doing Exactly What You Wanted To Do?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 27 2011

You Might Be Doing Exactly What You Wanted To Do?

I find, in so many cases, when someone comes in for a lesson they have swing faults that were deliberately developed.  Example, keeping their head rock steady over the ball!  Someone probably told them to “keep your head down” or “keep your eye on the ball”.  Not only is this terrible advice, but the effort to hold your head over the ball will cause you to steepen your swing path.  It will also restrict your back swing turn and potential to create club head speed.

Here’s the sad part.  You were doing what you were told!  Be careful with well meaning advice.  Also be careful with tips you get on TV, radio or golf magazines.  They might be well meaning tips but they could be poison for your swing style.

Imagine someone telling Jim Furyk to take the golf club low and inside on the back swing!  It would potentially ruin his entire golf swing for life!

Be leery of any tips that suggest copying other golfers on tour.  Tour players have spent years on their swings!  For you to re-program your swing to match theirs is an impossibility in my estimation.

Finding someone that has a talented eye, for picking out exactly what would be the best fit for YOUR swing, is NOT easy.  I know.  I’ve tried to hire pros to teach with us to meet our high demand in lesson volume.  Too many pros follow swing theory to an extreme.  Most golf schools follow their method to an extreme.

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