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Young Touring Pros Today

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on October 26 2014

Young Touring Pros Today

It’s amazing to see how so many of the new young pros coming out are all so competitive. There is such a razor sharp difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t.  One very significant influence on ones success is financial backing and personal management, potent enough to get you in to tournaments on sponsors exemption.

We had one very promising prospect stop for a check up from the UK.  Europe went bonkers for golf as witnessed by the Ryder Cup wins they now have under their belt.

We’re holding a Special Workshop this Tuesday October 28th at the Patterson Golf Park driving range at 5:45 until 7 PM.  Our visiting professional from London, Sam Wroclawski will hit some balls for us and answer questions.  After the clinic we will both roam around the group to take a look at your swing and help you apply any tips you found worthy.

Above is the video of the lesson I did with him during his visit.  Hope you can join us.  Sam can hit it a mile!  Tuesday at 5:45 PM.