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Golf Instruction The Way It Should Be

This is Your Chance to Get Off the
Golf Lesson Merry Go Round.

You want to get better at golf so you buy golf magazines, get on Youtube and watch the golf channel.  You even join a monthly fee service where you have access to videos of one or more big name golf instructors. Now you’re even more confused than when you started!

You might get desperate and spend a fortune with a guru that taught tour players only to get even worse! Don’t feel bad. Watch our interview with Bobby Clampett on Youtube and hear how his outstanding young career was ruined by big name golf instructors that tried to change everything he was doing with his golf swing. 

What is the Answer to All This Confusion,
We Make It Easy For You To
Play Better Golf Now

Like Curly said in the City Slickers movie, “You have to find that one thing!” There is one glaring and dominating swing fault that is causing 90% of your trouble.

Quick Fix Golf will find your one key swing fault that is holding you back, offer you a solution for removing and/or reprograming your swing fault, and get you on your way to better more enjoyable golf, QUICK!

All backed by our no quibbling, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee!  


Bobby Lopez, PGA
Voted #2 in Havana

Darren deMaille, PGA
Top 100 Teacher, US

PGA National Award Winner
President’s Council on “The Growth of the Game” 2010
Rated #2 in Havana
(There's only on other pro on the whole island!)

Our Founder Bobby Lopez PGA Pro has been teaching golf since 1970. Bobby Lopez studied the golf swing under some of the most legendary ball strikers of all time – such as Vince Allen, Dick Farley, Chico Miartuz, Bob Toski, “Wild” Bill Melhorn, John Jacobs and Henry Cotton. He’s a former European Touring Pro, and a full “Class A” Member of the PGA. He was nominated for Golf Magazine’s list of Top 100 Golf Instructors.

Our teaching style is very unique.  The Quick Fix Golf Golf concept was built on the philosophy of finding YOUR one or two glaring swing faults and prescribe a solution. We allow every golfer their individual style. Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino could take a lesson with Quick Fix Golf because we would NOT interfere with their natural tendencies and only address any issues that have in hindered their golf swings.

“Good players know their swing! They also know how to keep their swing faults under control, sometimes!”

Bobby Lopez, PGA Pro

2021 Top 100 GRAA 2021
MBCC Entrepreneur of the year 2021
GD Best in State Nominee 2021
GD Top 100 Nominee 2021
Carolinas Section Teacher of the Year Nominee 2021

Darren has been teaching golf for over 20 years and has surrounded himself with people who have done it the best, including Jack Nicklaus, Jim Flick, Martin Hall, Michael Breed, and Jack Druga, to name a few.

“We have people who have played golf for 30 years come in thinking their swing was the problem,” explained deMaille, director of instruction at Quick Fix Golf headquartered at the Tupelo Bay Golf Center in Garden City. “We don’t change their golf swing. Instead, we identify the elements of their swing that need correction and suggest ways to make it better.”

Don’t change your golf swing. Fix it!

Darren deMaille, PGA

Austin Helms Golf Teaching Pro

Austin Helms, PGM Coastal PGA Golf Management Program

Austin Helms started playing golf at the age of 13 and grew up in a small town outside of Charlotte, NC. Helms was an accomplished junior player, playing on the National Junior Golf Tour and was the team captain of his varsity golf team. Austin was able to work the 2017 PGA Championship where he then knew that golf was his calling. At age 18, Helms went to college to get a degree in Business Management from Coastal Carolina University. Austin is currently enrolled in the PGA of America’s program to become a certified instructor. He enjoys teaching the game of golf and watching the transformation of his players, but above all, Helms believes that no matter what someone is doing, that it should first and foremost, be enjoyable. Austin Helms, PGM

Don’t change your golf swing. Fix it!

Austin Helms, PGM Pro