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Your Archive of Online Classes & Webinars

We tape our lessons and post them in this section.  Learn at your own convenience or join us live for any of our classes and ask questions directly to our professionals.

Just a reflection of how well you performed on the rest of your golf swing.

The moment of truth.  Like Hogan said,, "you can't play golf if you don't know where your club face is."

The ball is going to pay attention to your down swing path, angle of attack and the club face once it gets to impact.

A controlled proper back swing makes everything lese in the swing easier.

Get off to a good start on your golf swing.

Accomplished teaching professional talking about the golf club path.

Winner of the Nation PGA Apprentice Championship

Owner of Golf Mind RX. for the mental part of golf.

Dean Snell was the designer of the Titleist V1.  You will learn a lot about golf balls.

Long ball expert.  Increase your drives!

Mind Side mental sports psychologist.

Tips and comments right from the tournament

Interview with Wayne Player, Gary Player's son.

Is there weight transfer in the down swing?

Build a consistent repeatable pre-shot routine like Jack Nicklaus.

The club face angle at impact will make a significant difference in your distance.

One of the best golf club designers trusted by touring pros world wide.

The back swing is so important for setting up the down swing where it counts.

Make better decisions on the golf course based on fact through statics

The USGA is threatening to restrict the distance the golf ball will travel.

Interesting putting concept with proven results.

Notice how well Ernie Els rotates his forearms through the impact zone in his golf swing.

Sergio Garcia is a great example of how you need to drop your arms down first on the downswing, NOT spin the shoulders.

Bernhard Langer

See how Bernhard Langer’s head goes backwards on the downswing! Bernhard also leads with the back of his left hand because of the strong left hand grip he has.

There ain’t nothing new! Ben Hogan’s swing is the same as many of the tour players today.

Fuzzy is a great example of a body turning method for swinging a golf club.

British player with a “we bit” of a hip problem and a little shut at the top but not bad.

High steep wide arc for long and high drives.

Notice how well he uses is right leg and turns “under” on the downswing.

This is the first in a series of videos I will do with my progress during the rebuilding of my own swing during the winter of 2011.