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Three Great Ways To Experience the
Quick Fix Golf Difference FREE!

We offer several opportunities for you to improve your enjoyment of the game of golf FREE! Why? So you can experience the quality of our instruction, as well our commitment to improving YOUR golf game at NO risk to you. Pick one or try them all!  If you are close to our South Carolina location and would like to see our programs offered there click here.

● FREE Golf Swing Analysis Online - You could start off with a FREE analysis of your golf swing.  You're just an easy upload of your video on our site away from knowing exactly what is going on with your golf swing. It's all yours to keep, so you never forget what you learned.  GET YOUR FREE SWING ANALYSIS ONLINE HERE.

● FREE Invite to One of Our Online Golf Classes - Classes range from any number of golf topics, such as short game, your swing, the all important mental side of golf, as well as golf equipment and training aids.  Without a doubt the most comprehensive golfing education on the internet, period!  SEE the CURRENT LIST of TOPICS HERE.

Classes are held at various times to meet time zone requirements for our members around the globe.  Classes held currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am Eastern. To join in as our guest, email us at and ask for the Golf Class Online link.  Classes are recorded and posted in the members only section so our members never miss a class.

FREE Wednesday Night Golf Show with Special Guests - We bring you the best in the golf business to increase your overall knowledge of the game.  Experts will answer your questions LIVE online. To join in as our guest, email us at and ask for the Golf Class Online link.  Held Wednesday nights at 8pm Eastern. 

After each show, we post a replay so that our members can watch from their computer, tablet or cell phone.  Watch a sample show below. 

Check Out These Reviews too!

● Caddiesense wrote on our YouTube posting: These guys are great! Could listen for hours. They need to be on the CBS golf telecasts to add a little personality to those boring clones CBS currently employs, plus they’re great at explaining things too.

● One of our students Skip Bond wrote: “Thanks for the webinar, Bobby! It answered some of those lingering questions…”

● John Adams wrote: “Hey, just got in from playing a round today. It turned out to be a new low score for me. A 76!! So your help is still paying dividends. Hope to listen tonight.”