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Performing your drills properly will accelerate your improvement.

Making a grip change is always uncomfortable but in some cases necesary

The grip needs to match impact

Where you should put the ball in your stance?  Now you know.

Interesting study on what the golf shaft really does during your golf swing.

How to make significant changes in your golf swing over the winter.

Pros always have a club on the ground so should you.

If you don't get the first 18 inches of your back swing on the right path the rest of your swing will be a recovery.

Easy drill to help you feel the proper hinge on the back swing.

Doing your drills proper will improve results and save time.

Drill for the right position at the top of your back swing.  Helps alleviate an open face at the top..

You've got a flying elbow?  This drill will help.

Jack Nicklaus did this drill as a youngster.  Develop more width in your swing

Connection meaning the arms and body turn are in sync with each other. Just like a pinwheel of skaters they don’t all skate at the same speed to maintain the circle but it looks like they are. Really helps coordinating the motion between arms and body.. 

Designed to help those golfers that start the golf club low and inside the swing plane. You need a point of reference so you know where your golf club is going in relations to your address position.

Designed for those who cut across the ball. You need a point of reference so you know where your golf club is going in relations to your address position.

Another good drill for those who started playing golf attempting to keep their head over the golf ball. Best performed in front of a mirror.

For those who have difficulty or feel uncomfortable getting behind the golf ball at the top of their back swing. This drill is also best performed in front of a mirror.

Vijay is constantly practicing with sticks for feed back on his swing path which is his weakness. This proves you’re never cured. Even the best continue to perform their assigned drills to maintain their improvement.

Analysis of Hale Irwin, bad back swing…great down swing!

The left hip goes UP on the back swing. We used to call it the Gypsy Rose Lee move.

Great for controlling over active lower body and legs. You can do this drill in your back yard with a whiffle ball to avoid embarrassment.

Swaying with your hips will cause inconsistency. The hips turn not on the back swing not slide. Many golfers think they are transferring their weight to their right foot. This is so vital and issue in a consistent golf swing that you will find several difference drills on hip slide.

Another drill for sliding hips. Similar to what Hogan describes in his book for hip turn.

Great drill to create speed in your release. Also has a benefit to those who swing over the top or transfer their weight to their front foot prematurely.

Great drill to get your arms started first. Again it’s a sensation. Actually the arms have a larger circumference to cover than the body. As a result they must move quicker than the body.

Combines the 2 o'clock drill with the elbow lean drill for maximum results.

Notice how well he uses is right leg and turns “under” on the downswing.

This is the first in a series of videos I will do with my progress during the rebuilding of my own swing during the winter of 2011.