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UNLIMITED Support for your golf game at only $9 a month!

Improve your golf game for yourself but NOT by yourself

Improving your golf swing is only part of what anyone needs to become a better golfer.  You need a complete golfing education.

Watch this video for details.

Quick Fix Golf Membership Benefits

Members Only Virtual Clubhouse - This is where it all starts.  Clubhouse holds the links to all the other benefits you're going to enjoy.  Soon to come members can post comments on their latest round and/or golf experiences.

Your Personal Lesson Locker - Your prior lessons are available to you 24/7 for review at your convenience.  We've found that members that view their video multiple times improve QUICK!

UNLIMITED Attendance to Online Golf Classes - Our popular online golf classes are both informative and entertaining. Past sessions are posted in the Archive of Past Online Classes area of the Member's Only Section. (Virtual Clubhouse)

UNLIMITED Drill Analysis -
We do NOT consider a drill check-up to be a lesson.  Why? Because one should consider the drill assigned as medication for your golf swing prescribed by our swing doctor.  We want to make absolutely sure that you are taking the medication properly so we accept videos of you performing an assigned drill on an unlimited basis to make sure you're on track to success. 

Online Lesson Reservations System - Book your LIVE Lessons Online at your convenience with our online reservation system. No phone tag or waiting on hold for assistance

Lesson Action Manual - This is NOT a book about our swing theory.  It's a lesson on cause and effect and teaches you how to self diagnosis problems on the golf course to get you back on track QUICK!

Archive of Swing Drills - Different them our competitors, our swing drills are assigned specific to your needs based on the LIVE lessons Online performance.  No guess work.  No trying every drill posted to see which one works for you. 

Archive of Special Reports - You will save strokes and money with our cutting edge technology reports.  Stay ahead of your fellow golfers in ability and knowledge.  Never again be tricked in to buying some technology gadget just to have sit in our garage collecting dust.

Hard to believe one could get this kind of compete support
for your golf game for only $9 per month or $97 a year. 

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  Once you join at only $9 per month or $97 yearly, you will receive
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Once activated, you will have access to the Member's Only Club House where you
can select the number of LIVE lessons you would like at Members Only Prices.