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Golf Lessons with Video Analysis

Golf Lessons with the BEST Video Analysis

Get a PGA Golf Lesson lesson live at either Patterson Golf Park in Richmond VA or at Tupelo Bay Golf Club in Myrtle Beach


If you're NOT happy with the lesson you get a full refund on the spot, no questions asked! We will pinpoint any "Gremlins" in your golf swing and prescribe the exact golf swing drills that will realign your swing path and/or golf club face angle for straighter more consistent golf shots.

The golf lesson consists of a full 45 minute session of


ball striking and digital video taping and a sit down analysis. We excel in helping you set realistic goals while applying a step by step plan for success. Special golf drills are assigned that are specific to your golf swing needs.

You get the entire golf lesson recorded on a CD or E-mailed to you along with personalized swing drills so you never forget what you learned. We can even post your lesson on your cell phone! 


Here's everything you get with your private golf lesson at Quick Fix Golf:

» 40 years of teaching golf instruction experience

» A ”zero sabotage factor” golf swing system personally developed and perfected by Bobby Lopez

» PATENTED SLOW-MOTION VIDEO TAPING TECHNOLOGY… we video your golf swing in slow motion, then we can carefully analyze it…in private, with you…identifying the sabotage factors currently hidden in your golf swing, improvement opportunities to focus on first, for overnight improvement

» We add a “perfect golf swing” comparable in pattern to your own on the video you take home, “split

screen”, so you can study a golf swing like yours but without the sabotage factors

» Your entire golf lesson is recorded, so you can take it home and re-play it as well

…..and scientific tests in adult education have evidence that, with 7 to 21 repetitions of auditory and/or visual input, in a condensed period of time, your subconscious m

ind gets a “positive imprint” it recalls and uses when appropriate.

This means, if you’ll take the time to review your take-home golf lesson tape each day for 7 to 21 days in a row, the “old version” of your swing with built-in, hidden sabotage factors will be “squeezed out” of your subconscious and replaced with the “new” version of your golf swing….. and you will automatically hit the ball with more confidence, most certainly longer and straighter.

Watch a sample lesson with video analysis. We have tons of other sample lessons on our Sample Golf Lessons Page.

Learn more about our teaching philosophy here.

As if this isn't thorough enough, we also use our ES-14 Launch Monitor in Richmond and the Trackman in Myrtle Beach so we can measure your launch angle, club head speed, ball speed and rotation, travel distance and more. This way we have measured results for the improvement we suggest. This makes you even more confident that what we're suggesting for your golf swing is exactly the remedy required.


All of the above mentioned attention and more is carefully taken in our private golf lesson with video analysis, making it the most comprehensive golf lesson in Central Virginia by far. Save yourself time and money plus aggravation by getting the best golf instruction available. Purchase your lesson and we will email you everything you need to give to your favorite golfer, which may be yourself?



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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! “The Single Most Powerful Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Experience,” is 100% guaranteed: if you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can improve your golf swing virtually overnight, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee – no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.