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We tape our golf shows and post them in this section below so watch some prior shows on us.  

We have had such great Guest Speakers on our show like Touring Pros Bobby Clampett, Jim Gallagher Jr., Joe Daley and the Great One, Hal Sutton former Ryder Cup Team Captain, Dean Snell of Snell Golf Balls, Dave Stockton Major Winner and past Ryder Cup Captain and many other leaders in the golf world, (see below). 

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Here's Some of Our Past Shows You Will Enjoy Watching.

Great insider background on Brooks Koepka and how he developed over the years.  Also, great information on your hips at address and how it can influence your downswing.

Joe McLean is a perfect example that you can do your golf drills at home and benefit immensely on the golf course. Doing drills in front of a mirror and having the ability to send it off for analysis is a breakthrough in golf game improvement.

Golfing in the rain can be challenging, but if you prepare properly, you can make the bead weather conditions to your advantage.

Jim Stracka has developed a method for laser mapping greens so you know every break on the green, saving you from those nasty three putts.  He loads all the information any touring pro, and yes even the average golfer, would need to  make the BEST decision before rolling the golf ball.  All in a handy book that fits in your back pocket.

Be Better Golf is among the best 10 channels on Youtube for Golf.  Brendon generously shares the information he has accumulated over the years, all from visitiing most of the top rated teaching pros in golf.

Owner of Chris is the Tiger Woods of golf fitness.  Fitness coach to tour players and average golfers alike.  You will learn some interesting misconceptions that many golfers have about golf injury and pain source.

Owner of Golf Mind RX. for the mental part of golf. “I just want to be more CONSISTENT!” is what amateur golfers wish for most. Amazingly, any golfer can recite the parts of their game that are VERY consistent; situations where things go wrong and situations where they play their best.

Dean Snell was the designer of the Titleist V1. Dean also designed the Taylor Made TP golf ball. You will learn a lot about golf balls.

Mind Side mental sports psychologist. Don’t worry! By utilizing the custom tools and strategies Bhrett customizes to fit your situation, you will be able to unlock unshakeable confidence and belief in knowing you are prepared for greatness!

Three time winner on the PGA Tour Bobby Clampett joined the tour at the age of 19. Learn about his Impact Zone golf swing theory.

Learn about the differences between the science of golf and the artistic elements.

Considered by many as the best putter on tour ever.  Putting tips that have stood the test of time.

Five Time PGA Tour Winner Jim Gallagher Jr. show us the difference between practicing and playing the game for competition.

Interesting and effective concept, a user manual for your putter.  Author of a Best Selling book The Putter Book.

Jennifer King of KZG golf clubs gives us a ton of great facts about golf club fitting and the building of a quality golf club.

Long ball expert. Increase your drives!  If you want to hit it longer this is your show.

One of the best golf club designers trusted by touring pros world wide. Learn what goes into designing a winning putter. Nicklaus won the 1996 Masters with Clay's design.

Interview with Wayne Player, Gary Player's son. Great insider insight on golf at any level.

Interesting putting concept with proven results.

Winner of the Nation PGA Apprentice Championship. Very interesting interview.

Make better decisions on the golf course based on fact through statics

25 year veteran of so many tours included the PGA, Champions, South African and more. Great knowledge from experience if you watch this video.

Get some great golf tips from an veteran college golf coach as well as teaching and playing professional.

Eric Alpenfels PGA pro tells about his in depth studies into putting with his Instinct Putting and practice techniques that carry over to the golf course for lower scores.

Accomplished teaching professional and former trainer with Golftec talking about the golf club path. How to swing inside-out on 22 degrees.

Learn how the wrists move in the golf swing with our special guest Jon Sinclair PGA Pro. Learn about extension, flexion, radial deviation, ulnar deviation and rotation. Square the clubs face up better for longer drives.

Tips and comments right from the tournament Interview with the Head Professional of the host golf course.

Interview with Dalton McCrary author of the famous infomercial by the same name above.

Bryson made significant changes to his golf swing and physique. See the before and after. Learn how you can make some of the same changes for your swing.

Boditrak technology will show you exactly where your weight and pressure should be moving in the golf swing.

BJ Zsafran has an interesting concept on breaking the golf swing down to a series of eight movements.

Get your information right from the horses mouth. It's Jim Hackenberg creator of Orange Whip Golf. One of golf's hottest training aids. Orange Whip training might be beneficial to your golf game.

The USGA is threatening to restrict the distance the golf ball will travel.  How would that affect your golf game?  How about the pros?