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Quick Fix Golf

How far to they hit the ball on average and with all the golf clubs.  Numbers by Trackman

How far to the Lady Pros hit the ball with every club.  Numbers by Trackman

Article by the late great Arnold Palmer.

The five secrets of Jack Nicklaus by Darren deMaille who taught golf for Jack for seven years

Interesting study on what the golf shaft really does during your golf swing.

How to make significant changes in your golf swing over the winter.

You need to know the difference between shoulder turn and shoulder tilt and when it happens in the golf sswing.

Shoulder spin is usually the cause for the over the top swing path

Taking your golf swing from the driving range to the golf course..

Doing your drills proper will improve results and save time.

Spine angle control is crucial to consistent ball striking.

Why is it more difficult to hit your driver than any other golf club?

It's similar to a third down play in football.  Convert on third down and win a lot of football games and golf matches.

Tips on how to win at Captain's Choice tournaments. 

Great drill for controlling your putter face.  Very important on those short putts from four feet and in.

Seven questions you should ask before buying golf clubs

When should you start rolling your forearms in the down swing..

Learn how to prepare to play golf, how to carry it over to the first tee so you don't waste the first four holes.

Analysis of Hale Irwin, bad back swing…great down swing!

Jim Furyk has a great golf swing! This will make you dizzy.

Sergio Garcia is a great example of how you need to drop your arms down first on the downswing, NOT spin the shoulders.

See how Bernhard Langer’s head goes backwards on the downswing! Bernhard also leads with the back of his left hand because of the strong left hand grip he has.

There ain’t nothing new! Ben Hogan’s swing is the same as many of the tour players today.

British player with a “we bit” of a hip problem and a little shut at the top but not bad.

Notice how well he uses is right leg and turns “under” on the downswing.

This is the first in a series of videos I will do with my progress during the rebuilding of my own swing during the winter of 2011.