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Nothing is More Exciting than Opening Up the World of Golf
to a Friend.  Now YOU Have That Opportunity!

Hook a Friend on Golf

We have a NEW exclusive program for introducing a friend to golf and a revolutionary teaching system to help them become proficient at that game we love, QUICK! The purpose of this program is to help a friend of yours, soon to be a friend of ours, to enjoy the game we love.

We call it "Hook a Friend on Golf." We hope you would be excited about introducing golf to a good friend of yours that doesn’t now play golf, or is struggling, and cheer them on all along the way. The satisfaction of sharing golf and all it’s personal benefits with a friend is beneficial to all, if not intricate, in life long relationships.

Sure, our passion is to help golfers play better golf, NOW!  But, the social aspects of golf should not be overlooked. Nobody plays golf alone, and nobody likes to play golf with someone they don't like! Just about every golfer has some great friends that they wish they could play golf with.  Usually their friend doesn't play golf or their level of play makes it difficult for their friend to keep up.  (Here's comes that lousy ranger again trying to hurry you up!)

We would like for you to benefit from this wonderful opportunity along with us, to Hook a Friend on Golf.  We're even going to give you a financial incentive to do so.  We value very much your willingness to refer your friend to us so we feel like we should compensate you in some way.  Why, because we would rather compensate you, our friend and supporter, than give more money to the advertisers like Google, Facebook and all the other digital giants that don't know our names and couldn't care less.

Scroll down a little lower and find out how easy we've made it for you to Hook a Friend on Golf.  It's a Win-Win-Win scenario for all of us and golf will be a big winner too, for generations to come.

We put together the tools you need
to make a positive influence in your friend's life!

We set up several avenues for you to use when inviting a friend.  We wanted to make it really easy and fun to invite!  Plus, being this is an online program, you can invite friends from all over the globe to join!  All improving their golf game from the comfort and safety of their own home, on their computer, tablet or cell phone.

1) Already Prepared E-mails you can copy and paste with the links included.  Just a simple email with text only, just like an email to a friend.  Another interesting thing we've found out.  When a friend sends an email to a friend, they open it 99% of the time.  

2) Video Presentation Online - We have a video presentation that explains everything so you don't have to. (coming soon)

3) Wednesday Night Golf Show - Invite your friends to attend our Wednesday Night Golf Show.  In our new format, we ask those who are interested in finding out more to stay online for an explanation of the program and all the benefit at such a low cost.

4) FREE Initial Analysis -  Let them know they can upload a video of their golf swing for a complete analysis FREE! 

5) Facebook and other social media presentations.  For any members that want to go bonkers with this concept, we will provide for you with sample materials you can use.  Don't quit your job and you probably won't get rich, but have fun with it!

For every new member you refer, you get a  enroll rebate in our Quick Start Program purchased by your friend at $99.  You can take the money and spend it or redeem it in our new pro-shop (opening soon) for training aids, golf clubs, etc.  You most likely won't get rich referring your friends to the Game Improvement Club, but you might off set some of your costs for your membership or any other golf costs along the way, like green fees, balls and yes maybe even golf clubs.  

golf lessons online

You don't need to go crazy and enroll hundreds of new members, just start with one friend. Once you "Hook Just One Friend on Golf", you will find a new enthusiasm for your own golf game, and want to mention your Game Improvement Club to every golfer you meet!

If you enroll just four new members, you will have recovered your membership dues which means you're rid of the nasty swing fault for FREE!  If you enroll four who in turn all enroll four each who in turn enroll four each, you would have 94 new members to your credit..... PLUS every time they make a sale, you earn rewards in cash, credit, green fees or equipment.

golf lessons online