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Lady LPGA Pros – Sample Golf Lessons Online

• Ben Hogan said that Mickey Wright had the best golf swing out there.

• Golf Swing Analysis Paul Creamer – See how she leans into the shot a little causing her to stand up a little at impact.

• Golf Swing Analysis Siew – Notice how she drives here weight to her front foot causing her to have to roll her hands quickly on the down swing to save a bail out to the right.

• Video Analysis of Michele Wie's Golf Swing, very interesting – Notice how she catches up with the arms at the last second before impact.

• Golf Swing Analysis Julie Inkster – Two wrongs can make a right in the golf swing.  This proves it.

• Swing Analysis Nancy Lopez  – Great tempo and rhythm can overcome swing faults.


• Beginning lady golf that improved in a matter of minutes! – How quickly one can improve if you don’t get too technical