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LPGA golf swing analysis

LPGA Tour Swing Analysis

Quick Fix Golf

See how she leans into the shot a little causing her to stand up a little at impact.

Ben Hogan once said that Mickey Write had the best golf swin out there.

Notice how she catches up with the arms at the last second before impact. 

Two wrongs can make a right in the golf swing. This proves it. 

Great tempo and rhythm can overcome swing faults.

Notice how she drives here weight to her front foot causing her to have to roll her hands quickly on the down swing to save a bail out to the right.

Notice how well she gets behind the golf ball at  the top of her back swing.

Great example for getting behind the golf ball

I guess you can say only the down swing counts.

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I guess he went in the wrong direction.  Just my opinion. Grant had a better swing before.

His swing is not a unconventional as you might think

Good example of a player overcoming a swing fault.

Here’s a guy that is not real big but hit’s it BIG!

British Open Winner

Rory McIlroy when he wasa a youngster

Analysis of Tigers Wood’s golf swing before and after making improvements with Butch Harmon

Analysis of Phil Mickelson’s golf swing. Notice his left hand comes off the golf club after impact similar to Vijay Singh

The KING Arnold Palmer

Analysis of Hale Irwin, bad back swing…great down swing!

Jim Furyk has a great golf swing! This will make you dizzy.

Notice how well Ernie Els rotates his forearms through the impact zone in his golf swing.

Sergio Garcia is a great example of how you need to drop your arms down first on the downswing, NOT spin the shoulders.

See how Bernhard Langer’s head goes backwards on the downswing! Bernhard also leads with the back of his left hand because of the strong left hand grip he has

There ain’t nothing new! Ben Hogan’s swing is the same as many of the tour players today.

Fuzzy is a great example of a body turning method for swinging a golf club.

British player with a “we bit” of a hip problem and a little shut at the top but not bad

 High steep wide arc for long and high drives.

Notice how well he uses is right leg and turns “under” on the downswing

Let’s compare Sam to the younger players of today.

The best player ever produced from Canada