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Welcome to your
Game Improvement Club

You are now among the best in golf love the game and want to improve no matter what level of golf you are playing currently.

You have over 60 years of accumulated knowledge of the game of golf in this Members Only Clubhouse.  Making use of this information will make you a smarter golfer.

We suggest you start off by watching our video along side, "How To Make the Most Out Of Your Membership"

Join us on our Wednesday night get together at the clubhouse where you can ask questions of our pros and other fellow members. 8 pm EDT.  To join us tap here

This video for ONLINE Members Only

Keep up with what's going on to benefit your golf game.   We'll email you when anything new is ready for view. 
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We have a great guest speaker for this Wednesday's Golf Class Online
To Be Announced 
 This Wednesday the 5th of August at 8 PM - for details and link go here

Check out the improvements on our Archive of Prior Online Classes

Welcome our new pro in Richmond Virginia Steve Hippeard
Welcome our new teaching professional in Richmond Mark Ruggieri

For online members - Get More LIVE Online or Video Analysis Lessons Here

Same as video above.  Quick Fix Golf New Member Orientation

Short video on how to take full advantage of our unique lesson format of unlimited drill videos.

Book a lesson online 24/7 at your convenience. Make sure you sign-in first!  User name should be your email address with password member unless you changed it.

Not a book on golf swing theory.  Designed to help you better understand cause and effect in the golf swing and ball flight.

You never miss a class at Quick Fix Golf.  We record the class and post it here.

Our Special Reports will save you strokes and money.  Especially when it comes to golf equipment.

Yes we have tons of drills but we want you to only concentrate on the ones assigned to you for YOUR specific problem

You couldn't make one of our clinics

Access your video analysis any time any where 24/7