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Welcome!  Member's Only Clubhouse

Welcome to Your Game Improvement Club

You are now among the best in golf love the game and want to improve no matter what level of golf you are playing currently.

You have over 60 years of accumulated knowledge of the game of golf in this Members Only Clubhouse.  This information is dedicated to making you a smarter golfer.

Join us on our Wednesday night get together at the clubhouse where you can ask questions of our pros and other fellow members at 8 pm EST.  Use this opportunity to invite a friend.  E-mail us at and we will make sure an official invite gets to your guest.

Keep up with what's going on to benefit your golf game.  
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Don't Miss Our Regular Wednesday Night Event Online
Darren deMaille - Bobby Lopez, PGA
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This program is strictly online.  90 Days in Length with three private lessons, unlimited mini-tutorial reviews and membership content privileges. 

Unlimited lessons?  Impossible!  It can be done, but it requires your cooperation

Book a lesson online 24/7 at your convenience. Make sure you sign-in first!  

This is your chance to off-set your golfing costs and help a good friend at the same time.

You don't get to pick out your golf clubs, your golf swing does!

Instructions on how to take your best video, book a consultation and join in LIVE!

Follow these easy steps for a whole new golf game by spring! 

Know the seven laws you MUST abide by

Who doesn't want more distance?  Here's how!