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We record our classes and post them on this page.  Much different than our Wednesday night Open House. Our classes only permit twelve students per class, so everyone gets plenty of attention and their questions answered.  

See the sixty seven (67) topics slated for classes coming up. Below are replays of prior classes.

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Prior Classes Completed for Replay

Even though a given class topic appears in this list of completed classes,
it does NOT necessarily mean that the topic would not be repeated live.

Stance Set-up, Pre-Shot Routine & Grip

Build a consistent repeatable pre-shot routine like Jack Nicklaus.  Darren deMaille hosts as past teaching professional for Jack for seven years at The Bear's Club.  Nickalus had by far the most disciplined pre-shot routine in golf.  Learn from the best NOW!

Pilots go through a check list. You should do the same with your golf game before every shot. No matter how accomplished do NOT short cut the pre-shot routine.  Pilots with thousands of hours still follow their pre-flight routine every time

It doesn't matter that you don't have the perfect grip. Your grip does have to match your impact position.  So first recognise what your ggrip is posiitoned.  Then determine if your impact position mirrors your grip position.


How you ignite or start your golf swing is crucial to consistent tempo. Learn some good drills for improving your consistency through a better take-a-way. Watch Berhard Langer, Jason Dufner, Mat Kuchar and others..

How you hinge your wrist will affect your club face angle. The club face at impact has the maximum affect on ball flight. Like Ben Hogan used to say, you can't play golf if you don't know where your club face is.

Learn how the wrists move in the golf swing with our special guest Jon Sinclair PGA Pro. Learn about extension, flexion, radial deviation, ulnar deviation and rotation. Square the clubs face up better for longer drives.

Back Swing

What does it mean to swing on plane? How can I do it? What pros swing on plane and how do they do it?  The ball can only react to the golf clb path andn face.  If you can't control either consistently you're in trouble.

Down Swing

A question that is asked quite often. What starts the down swing, the arms or the hips. Or, maybe the legs? Find out more by watching this interesting online class.

That dreaded over the top move. Destructive to any golf swing. Get the drill that is guaranteed to get rid of the over the top for good.  If you start your down swing with your chest you're doomed to over the top forever!

Learn how the motion with the legs and knees has changed over the years. Use the legs to push off the ground for power.  See a great example in yesterday to today with Tom Weiskopf 

When and how should you clear or turn your hips on the down swing? This video might help better understand the process.

Is there weight transfer in the down swing? You hear so often, transfer your weight to your front foot!  Get the truth that will help your game.

Impact - Moment of Truth

Great example of an open face position that requires significant movement in the hands to salvage a square impact vs. a closed club ace position that requires less club face movement going to impact.

You were destined to be a slicer! Don't blame yourself, it is the way the club is designed that causes us to slice.  It's NOT your fault.

Yes he's off sides but gets away with by way of fast hands and a tilt backward on the down swing.  Watch this interesting class that should enlighte you on how to square up a golf club at impact.

Follow Through

Balance is not a thing to do, it's a place to go! Hold your balance at the finish of your best shot and memorize where you are so you can repeat it again and again. Golf consistency through balance and tempo.

More Distance

The club face angle at impact will make a significant difference in your distance.  Loft equals ball speed.  Ball speed equals distance.  Ask deChambeau

Watch this 96 year old golfer still going strong. Never say you're too old to play golf..

Learn some great drills to help you develop better tempo and timing in your golf swing.

Saving Strokes Around the Green

One of the most important clubs you'll buy is your driver, then your putter, than your wedges. Here's some great tips on how to select the right wedge for your golf game.

Save strokes around the green with these simple techniques.  Also, get our Special Report on how Short Game is Like Football, It's Like Converting on a Third Down Play.

Some of the drills Tiger does for bunker play may surprise you. Great topic that is not covered enough.


Our Darren deMaille, PGA Pro does an excellent presentation on the concepts of putting.

When it comes to short putts the ball is going where the club face is pointed.

Others are doing it why not you?

Avoiding Disaster - Recovery Shots

Here's some good tips on hitting golf shots from uneven lies. Up hill, down hill, side hill.

Course Management

What do to when your golf swing falls apart on the golf course. Here's some helpful tips.  Shut the body down and swing all arms.

You need to have a repeatable disciplined routine to prepare to play golf no matter what your handicap is.


Golf Injury - Pain Free Golf

Jordan Speith shows us how foot flare translates to hip rotation and prevention of injury.