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Deane Beman 6/90 Teaching System and Curriculum

Nov 17, 2019Darren deMaille

A pair of golf instructors are bringing a teaching method that was first advocated by former PGA Tour commissioner Deane Beman to the Grand Strand in the hopes it helps grow the game in the area.  

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A Basic Approach to Pitching

A Basic Approach to Pitching

Nov 17, 2019Darren deMaille

A Basic Approach to Pitching Pitching is a miniature version of the golf swing.  If you can improve your pitching it will translate into your full swing.  By definition, a pitch is a shot where the golf ball is in the air...

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Senior Tour British Open in Scotland

Nov 03, 2019Bobby Lopez

by Gene Sauers is Ready for the Senior British Open! I have some video sent to me yesterday from sunny Scotland (yea right) of Gene practicing on the driving range at Carnoustie.  I also include a picture of Carnoustie which … Continue...

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What’s the Right Down Swing Sequence?

Jun 24, 2018Bobby Lopez

Once You Start Your Downswing Wrong, You’re Toast! Golfers work on so many different aspects of their golf swing in swing plane, grip, hip turn, while ignoring the fact that if you start your downswing in the wrong “sequence”, … Continue reading...

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How important is golf club fitting?

Dec 13, 2017Bobby Lopez

What I have for you today is an inside look at the tour van on the Champions tour.  The tour van is usually available near the driving range on Tuesdays through Thursdays and then good bye and good luck … Continue reading...

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Is Your Practice Swing Better Than Your Real Swing?

Nov 24, 2017Bobby Lopez

How many times have you heard, “you have a beautiful practice swing.”  We have all known someone that makes a wonderful relaxed practice swing only to look like a wild man when they actually go to hit the golf … Continue reading...

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How to increase distance with your driver without increasing club head speed.

Nov 23, 2017Bobby Lopez

I’ve got an interesting video for you that shows hard numbers to support what I’ve been telling our students for quite some time. Don’t hit down, hit up on the ball? The launch angle needs to be much higher … Continue reading...

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Single Length Bryson DeChambeau Golf Clubs Part VII

Mar 09, 2017Bobby Lopez

Finally a completed set of single length golf clubs for you to try! If you don’t mind me bragging a little here, one of our fine student/members Paul Belmont sent me a video of an interview with the developer … Continue reading...

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Another Lady Junior Golfer Future Star

Feb 15, 2017Bobby Lopez

Gabrielle Cuellar now ads to this list of outstanding young lady golfers heading for a full scholarship. Why are we having so much success with young female golfers?  Two great reasons.  First they all have one common asset, their … Continue reading...

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Golf Clubs Like Bryson DeChambeau Part IV

Jan 20, 2017Bobby Lopez

Single length golf clubs for the irons only! We’re getting closer and I know you might be impatient by now but we want to get right, not fast.  I take it very seriously when I recommend something to others.  … Continue reading...

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How the Hips Turn in the Down Swing

Jan 09, 2017Bobby Lopez

You Turn Not Slide in the Golf Swing! Many a golf swing has been ruined with an over emphasis of the transfer of weight forward on the down swing.  It’s not a slide or thrust to the front foot, … Continue reading...

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Improve Your Golf Game Over the Winter

Jan 06, 2017Bobby Lopez

Now is the time to make changes in your golf swing You should have in place an off-season program for making upgrades to your golf swing and/or game in general.  We’re located in Virginia and the winters really aren’t … Continue reading...

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