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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

How many times have you seen golf lesson reviews with a comment like, “this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done” George, Topeka Kansas.” Those types of testimonials are pretty hard to believe. I take our testimonials very seriously.  Why?

Our golf lesson reviews are deliberately in the students own handwriting or on video. They received no incentives or compensation for their testimonial. We have even more golf lesson reviews available at our headquarters in Richmond, VA and Myrtle Beach, SC.

"I have found that Quick Fix Golf's total focus is on the improvement of the individual student, as opposed to creating wealth for itself".......... Roy D'Ardenne

  • Arron Bowles – I lowered my handicap from a 20 to a 13!
  • Margit Connelly – I just shot a 76! 
  • Peter Sierlicki – I can hit a 7 iron where I used to use a 5iron! 
  • George Misok – I’ve gained 40 – 60 yards on my tee shots! 
  • John Hall – One of the smartest things I’ve done! 
  • Clyde Johnson – It’s been fun and rewarding!
  • Bill Tatu – I’m playing my best golf in twenty years!
  • Patrick Mooney – I went from an 18 handicap to an eight! 

Gary Palis

Owner of V1 Digital Coaching systems

"We do golf analysis and are a partner with the PGA of America and have over 3,000 coaches using the technology. I want to let you know the Bobby Lopez is right on with the use of technology and promoting the use of technology to increase lesson business and activity. Also, the quality of his lessons are a model to use. In fact, I use some of his lessons when we are doing seminars and presentations on “Teaching with Technology” because they are good. This may sound like a strong reference because it is. I would not write these unless I believed it and we have worked with many, many instructors so I have a very good base to compare with. Please contact me anytime by phone or email."

Joe Cardyn III

"Bobby, I just wanted to take time to Thank you for all the help in improving my golf game. I was a steady 90s shooter, and before a good day for me was breaking 90. Well, I shot a 79 yesterday, and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. I first started taking lessons with you a couple of years ago, but I never really stuck to the fundamentals preached by you and Eddie. I always seemed to revert back to my old tendencies. After much frustration, I finally admitted to myself that I needed help. That’s when I signed up for the 2 private lessons and 30-day workshop package. I’ve practiced religiously since then and finally achieved something I didn’t really think was all that possible. So for all those who are like me, who think they can figure out there problems on their own, get a lesson. Believe me, in the long run, you’ll save time & money."

Jamie Fielden

The “Birdie Machine”

"I really enjoy watching you break down golf swings! I actually have started working on my own swing just by learning the fundamentals on your website. Looks like my major problem seems to be a little over the top move and I get my hands above the plane on the downswing. I’m playing OK, I’m about a 7 right now, but I used to be a lot better. Had a 3 quarter swing and used to kill it, then my college golf coach talked me into lengthening my swing and things haven’t been right since. I can’t wait to get started working with you!"