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Typical Swing Fault Analysis

• Proper Example Golf Swing – PGA Tour Player Grant Waite

• Golf Lesson For Steep Down Swing – Lesson with Clyde Johnson on a steep down swing.

• Golf Lesson Video On The Impact Position – You need a solid position at impact with the back of your front hand and wrist.

• Where Should Your Head Be? Keep Your Head Still? – The club starts at your front shoulder!

• Example Of Taking The Golf Club Back Too Inside – Difficult to recover from.

• Proof That You Must Maintain the Improvements in Your Golf Swing – Maintenance!

• Golf Swing Video On Aggressively Transferring Your Weight To Your Front Foot   – This is a sample lesson of a golfer who transfers her weight to the front foot aggressively which forces here to rotate her forearms quickly!

• The Over the Top Golf Swing – Starting your downswing with your shoulders

• A Consistent Down Swing Is Key To Your Success – Better to have a path to the ball that is easy to do.

• The Address Position from a Down the Line View – Mandatory for a proper address set-up

• Beginning lady golf that improved in a matter of minutes! – How quickly one can improve if you don’t get too technical

• Golf Swing Analysis of an Outside to In Swing Path – The most common fault I see.

• Getting Your Shoulder Behind the Golf Ball at the Top of Your Back Swing – The second most common fault

• Perfect Example of a Reversed Pivot at the Top of the Back Swing – The third most common fault…maybe it’s tied for second with the shoulders…the problems are related.

• Golf Video on Developing Lag In Your Golf Swing – What you need to have for club head speed adding distance.