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Be a Scratch Golfer by Spring - Online Program

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This unique, state of the art golf lesson offer will improve your golf game from the comfort and safety of your own back yard.  Take advantage of todays technology for maximum results at a price any golfer can afford.  How do we do this you ask?

Step 1: We start with a one-on-one lesson online.  You video your golf swing at the range or in your own back yard and upload it to our site at  You will receive a password for our online reservations system so you can book a lesson time that's convenient for you.  You will also get a link to where you will be able to see our screen as we discuss the analysis of your golf swing LIVE online.

During your initial LIVE lesson, we will together prepare a map for you to follow the next 60 days to reach the goals you set for yourself.  you will improve your golf game for yourself but not by yourself.  We are committed to our mutual success.

Step 2: You can upload as many videos of your swing for follow-up analysis to make sure you're on track.  This is a unique feature I guarantee you won't find anywhere else! You upload a video of your swing or in many cases a video of you performing an assigned drill, we do an analysis and opinion and email it right back to you. Remember this is UNLIMITED number of analysis for the 60 days.  We want to make sure you improve and get the most out of this experience. 

Step 3: We hold online classes.  In some cases the class is given by a leader in the golf community like Dean Snell of Snell Golf Balls, Ryder Cup Captain Hal Sutton, Tour commentator Bobby Clampett, Jennifer Munro of Golf Mind RX and lots more.  Can't make it to a class, no problem. All the prior classes are posted for your convenience in our archive of golf classes.

Step 4: Visit out Members Only VIRTUAL Clubhouse where you will find the archive of past classes, Action Lesson Manual, archive of Special Reports, archive of Swing Drills and so much more all dedicated to providing you with all the support you need to become, more complete golfer.

Step 5: We perform another private one-on-one LIVE lesson online like our first to demonstrate a comparison "before and after" so you are convinced that you have improved even more than you expected. 

The entire program starts when you do and lasts 60 days.

Our price is going to be your favorite part.  Only $97.   Two private lessons online, unlimited video analysis and 60 days access to some of the most in-depth follow-up materials dedicated to making you a more complete knowledgeable golfer.
If you have questions or prefer to join by phone, our Contact Information is:
Quick Fix Golf
833-88-QUICK (78425)
Bobby Lopez and Darren deMaille, PGA Pros