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Swing Adjuster Program

$149.00 $274.00

The BEST Golf Lesson Program 
Available in Myrtle Beach

To buy call us at 833-88-QUICK (7-8425)

Get Three (3) private golf lessons with the best video analysis software V1. 

We use the same video capture and analysis system used by golfers like Tiger and Phil. The lesson is 45 minutes long and includes the video of your swing with commentary as well as Special Quick Fix drills assigned especially for your golf swing needs.  You get the video so you never forget what you learned.

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with your logins to book a convenient time for you.

Added BONUS!

You can take advantage of our Game Improvement Club with the BEST online golf lesson support while you're completing your lessons guaranteed to make you an all around better more knowledgeable golfer.  Learn all the insider secrets for lowering your score, while you are working on improving your swing.

Better swing, better golfer NOW, at Quick Fix Golf.