30+ Years Of Experience

Everyone could afford to take a few strokes off their game. Whether you’re just picking up the game, you’re playing a few rounds with friends, or looking to compete, there’s always room for improvement. But with so many courses, videos, gurus, and other answers out there, you can easily become more confused than when you started.

That’s where we come in. At QuickFixGolf, we focus on the smallest details that have the biggest impact on your swing. For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of students quickly diagnose their problem, and give them a lasting “Quick Fix” to improve their golf game.



Bobby Lopez, PGA

Our Founder Bobby Lopez PGA Pro has been teaching golf since 1970. Bobby Lopez studied the golf swing under some of the most legendary ball strikers of all time – such as Vince Allen, Dick Farley, Chico Miartuz, Bob Toski, “Wild” Bill Melhorn, John Jacobs and Henry Cotton. He’s a former European Touring Pro, and a full “Class A” Member of the PGA. He was nominated for Golf Magazine’s list of Top 100 Golf Instructors.

Our teaching style is very unique.The Quick Fix Golf Golf concept was built on the philosophy of finding YOUR one or two glaring swing faults and prescribe a solution. We allow every golfer their individual style. Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino could take a lesson with Quick Fix Golf because we would NOT interfere with their natural tendencies and only address any issues that have in hindered their golf swings.

PGA National Award Winner

President’s Council on “The Growth of the Game” 2010

Rated #2 in Havana

Darren deMaille, PGA

Darren has been teaching golf for over 20 years and has surrounded himself with people who have done it the best, including Jack Nicklaus, Jim Flick, Martin Hall, Michael Breed, and Jack Druga, to name a few. Home base for Darren is Tupelo Bay Golf Club. In addition to his professional influences, Darren’s primary focus is creating trust with his clients.

He wants his students to feel comfortable enough to embrace change, while valuing their level of personal expectations.

Top 100 GRAA 2021

MBCC Entrepreneur of the year 2021

GD Best in State Nominee 2021

GD Top 100 Nominee 2021

Carolinas Section Teacher of the Year Nominee 2021, 2022

Srinivas Alladi

I'm a leader with a history of nurturing technical communities to create next-generation products/systems/platforms.

I am a business accelerator, inventor, scaled organizations from 5 to 100+, and built secure, highly resilient, high performing web/mobile/ML platforms that processed billions of dollars a day and crunched terabytes of data and rules. I help entrepreneurs and corporate executives accelerate their growth fast, seamlessly, and consistently.

My 20 years in software engineering have cemented the importance of thought leadership in an enriching team environment. My expertise includes.

👉 Building high performing/resilient/scalable products and platform

👉 Optimization of operations and cost savings

👉 Hiring and training talent for sustainable growth and building high-performing teams.

👉 Building platforms/systems with end to end automation using cutting edge technologies

👉 Designing and Developing AI and ML-based web/Mobile platforms

With an ability to cultivate connections and elevate energy at events, I’m considered a catalyst for efficacious change.

Innately solution-orientated, I’m primed to successfully tackle what would be deemed “irretrievable projects.” Via an analytical methodology, I have a notable legacy when it comes to pinpointing pitfalls, thus minimizing risk – imperative when delivering vital Fraud Management products.

With power comes much responsibility. Once I commit to a task, I won’t retreat until the desired goal comes to fruition. This tenacity is essential when pioneering security solutions across US banking systems.

My achievements in the realm of Data Ingenuity speak for themselves. Whether it’s excellence in delivery, mentorship, or spearheading patent-pending products, the litany of successes are bountiful.

None of the above would have been possible without infectiously positive energy. This level of readiness leads to exponential levels of expedited production.

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